Ajanta Caves

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When the echo of the chisel faded, the world forgot these cave temples. Till the 19th century these caves were hidden under thick forest growth. These caves are representation of Buddhist thoughts which were etched on walls of these caves. These caves were built between 2nd century B.C to 7th century A.D. The 30 Chaityas and Viharas have paintings which illustrate the life and incarnations of Buddha. The artist has lent his creativity in each work with an overwhelming sense of vitality. These paintings have survived time and till date the numerous paintings glowing on the walls leave visitors spell-bounded. The contours of these figures and positions of their hands make the atmosphere very vibrant and alive. Ajanta caves were meant to provide seclusion to the Buddhist monks and their hammer & chisel offered a rich tapestry of images that speak of places, royalty, culture and tales of everyday life of ancient India.

The artist's skill and creativity were contemplated by his keen sense of observation. Many of the panels of the caves hold depcition of the Jatakas and numerous images of Buddha, Nymphs and Princesses. The flying Apsara in cave 17, the preaching Buddha in cave 16 to the sculptured Nagaraja in a sitting posture with his consort and a female attendant are to name a few of the popular caves. Some of these enigmatic caves are illuminated by the natural light at a particular time of the day.

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By Air: Aurangabad is the nearest airport.
By Rail: Aurangabad is the nearest railhead on South Central Railway. Mumbai - Aurangabad(via Manmad) 388 km (via Pune) - 400 km. Also Jalgaon (59 km from Aurangabad).
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