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Lonavala tourist information

A popular hill station just outside the district of Pune that one should not miss when they visit Maharashtra. A weekend gateway from all the busy life of corporates and pollution, Lonavala provides a break that everyone from Mumbai and Pune deserves. Lonavala is also a base for INS (Indian Naval Service) Shivaji, one of the premier institutes of Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. Lonavala was a part of the Yadava Dynasty and later played an important role in the history of the Maratha Empire. Lonavala and Khandala are said to be the twin hill stations which are adjacent to each other. Don’t forget to taste the speciality of Lonavala – Lonavala Chikki (A hard dry fruit candy based sweet).

Destination Information :-

  Climate: Tropical(24.1 °C)
  Popularity: Trekking, Seasonal Waterfalls
  Best time to visit: October-May
  Famous Cuisine: Lonavala groundnut chikki, strawberries

How To reach There :-

  •   Nearest Airport: Nearest Airport - Pune International Airport (PNQ)
  •   Nearest Railway Station: Central Railway - Lonavala Railway Station (LNL)
  •   Nearest Bus Station: MSRTC Buses, Private Rental Vehicles

Places to see around Lonavala

Tiger's Point

Also known as Tiger’s Leap, as some say the shape resembles the shape of a tiger. Some legends even say that when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was running from a tiger, he jumped into a ditch and the tiger leapt over the ditch and fell in the valley. Adjacent to Tiger’s point there’s a spot called Lion’s Point which gives views of the Sahyadri valleys capped in green lush vegetation.

  Location Type - Hill
  Distance from Lonavala - 12 kms
  Timing - Open
Entrance Fees - No fees
tigers point

Karla Caves

A series of old Buddhist caves located at a village called Karla. Said to have been built in 2nd Century around 2000 years ago consists of a series of beautiful monasteries and great halls called Chaityas. The vicinity of Karla caves houses a temple of Goddess Ekvira – the deity of Kolis. The monument is protected under the Archeological Survey of India and is curated properly till this day. The carvings on the walls depict the beautiful journey of Lord Buddha. The great hall or the Chaitya consist of a huge dome called as a Stupa.

  Location Type - Caves
  Distance from Lonavala - 11 km
  Timing - 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Entrance Fees - Rs.15
karla caves pune

Rajmachi Fort

Strategically designed Rajmachi Fort or also known as ‘Bale Killa’ is located 15 Kms away from Lonavala and Khandala in the lush vegetation of Sahyadri ranges. There are twin fortresses, Shriwardhan Ballekilla and Manaranjan Ballekilla who has seen many change of reigns from Shivaji Maharaj to Britishers. There are two ways from which you can trek to the top. One from the Kondhana Caves and another one from Udhewadi village. Rajmachi is one of the least difficult treks for beginners and can be completed in 3-4 hours.

  Location Type - Fort
  Distance from Lonavala - 15 km.
  Timing - Open
Entrance Fees - No fees
HILLS rajmachi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is Lavasa and Imagica from Lonavala and how to get there?

    Lavasa is 104 km and Adlabs Imagica is 24 km far from Pune city. Both, these destination service providers have a cab service available. However, you can also try car rental from Pune and visit other attractive destinations too, on, inside and outside Pune

  • How many days does it take to explore Lonavala?

    An overnight will be sufficient to explore the beautiful tourist attractions in Lonavala. However, you can also try visiting Khandala or Panchgani is you wish to plan a long trip.

  • What is Lonavala most famous for?

    Lonavala is famous for its beautiful sites close to nature and its ultra delicious groundnut chikki. Also, this hill station is very close to two metro cities Pune and Mumbai. Hence, on weekends the streets of Lonavala streets are crowded with tourists.

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